Yacht Charters

Come cruise with Capt Dana on the Mermaid’s Lair!  Cruises are customized to your desires and budget.  A good place to start is to figure $175.00 per cruising hour. Yes you can take as short as a 1 hour cruise, although once you get on the water you wont want to leave.  In most cases Capt Dana does not charge for time spent at anchor.  So even a 1/2 day cruise with a swim break could cost as little as $350.    Sleep on board the yacht you can stay a night or several at dock, overnight accommodations start at $125.00 per night.  Have you ever been on your own private island?  Spending the night at anchor can be like that.  With no boats around and a semi private beach to explore. There is even one beach that allows camp fires so you could sit in the sand and roast marshmallows.  So many more stars are visible when you are away from the lights of shore. On a clear night you truly feel closer to God.

On a more somber note, Capt Dana is a caring host for your loved one’s final trip.  We can take a small group of your family off shore 3 miles, so you never leave sight of land if you don’t want to. Where we can scatter the ashes of your loved one in the Gulf of Mexico.  Or if you wish we can do this trip alone. Then you will receive a certificate showing the Latitude and Longitude of your loved ones final resting place.

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